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Tom Prayne is a producer and musician based in Hamburg, Germany.


Originally from a small German island in the Baltic Sea, Prayne’s love of music stems from his early exposure to radio shows. As a child, Prayne would sit attentively by the radio, recording his favourite songs onto a tape so he could listen to them again and again.


Inspired by the eclectic range of music he listened to, Prayne persuaded his parents to buy him his first keyboard, giving him the creative tool he needed in order to start experimenting with music and sound. Prayne’s skills and talents quickly developed and he soon swapped his keyboard for a guitar so he could expand his musical range and write music for more instruments.


Frustrated by musical cliques and genre confinements, Prayne began creating music that fused genres together and pushed musical parameters to develop a new and unique sound. Inspired by the experimental music he was creating, Prayne began incorporating synthesizers and pushing the in-built effects and presets to different extremes, sparking a fascination with electronic musical elements and later, audio engineering.


Prayne’s various music skills presented him with the opportunity to play with other like-minded musicians and he soon found himself touring Germany with several bands. Motivated by the thrill of performing, Prayne began focusing on his solo projects and refining his own musical style.


Tom Prayne’s music is an instrumental amalgamation of both traditional instruments such as guitar and piano and synthesizers and electronic music, creating mellow yet dramatic sounds that convey warmth and deep emotion. Prayne describes his sound as ‘lost in thought’ and likens his music to watching a beautiful landscape from the window of an aeroplane, hence the name of his album, ‘Views From a Plane’, released in December 2020. Prayne’s musical style is sad yet beautiful, with meticulous thought going into each note, despite it’s effortless sound.